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Since its beginning in 2004 on the island of Mallorca, Gusto Mundial Baleárides, S.L. has been producing Flor de Sal, blending them together in different varieties under the brand Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc. During the following years the range of products has had an extraordinary acceptance in many different markets, resulting in currently being present in more than 28 countries around the world. In 2009 construction began on new salt pools specifically designed to create Flor de Sal, this new project ended last year with the formation of 300 salt pools each 8x4 metres in size. This initiative will continue over the following years until a total of over 600 pools are operational. 2009 年,公司决定专门为富乐建立新的盐池。此 项新计划随着300 个面积为8*4 米的盐池的建成 而圆满完成。未来,还会在此基础上拓展至600 个盐池。 富乐海盐的形成是借助了海水与盐晶体之间的密度 差异,在海水表面形成的一层结晶体。微风、湿度 和阳光照晒可以有效帮助海盐的快速形成。 这是每天都要进行收集的海盐,与此同时,还有一 种海盐因密度较高而沉入池底。这种海盐品质同样 突出,并且和富乐海盐有着非常类似的质地。

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