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It was in Salamanca in 1932, that the Blázquez Family founded the cured ham company. Since then, Jamones Blázquez, which is already managed by the third generation, is still committed to produce excellent jamones (cure hams), paletas (pig shoulders) and embutidos ibéricos (Iberian cold cuts) based on natural processes. It is between Crespos and Guijuelo, the birth place of the Iberian ham, where Blázquez operates.This geographically privileged area has 4 working facilities to produce and cur hams. These facilities are filled with history, tradition, wisdom and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the latest management methods, which are demanded in the 21st century, have been conveniently applied. A Blázquez product has its own identity and character. It looks like a “tough boy”, with perfect features and charismatic face…but even more interesting is its authenticity which enables it to boldly face whatever new challenges highly regarded gourmets bring.

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